dublabのエグゼクティヴ・ディレクター、アレハンドロ・コーエンからのCOVID-19 statement







Hello dublab listeners and supporters,

As we face great challenges in our communities and around the world, I wanted to write you on behalf of dublab about our programming, initiatives to help artists, and ways to move forward, serve the community and carry with our mission despite the circumstances.

In these unprecedented times we feel that the role of radio is a crucial one when it comes to communicating, offering comfort, connection, and companionship. Our goal during this period is to provide radio programming that exemplifies that role. We believe that music, creativity, and the arts can bring the best in people, and as such, we hope radio can be used for such purpose.

Besides our radio programming, we intend to utilize our platform to promote initiatives that help artists that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. By sharing links, and offering ways to support these artists we hope we can make a difference and do our part as a community supported organization.

The days ahead will help us better define our actions, but one thing we can say for sure now is that whatever we do, it will always be creative, positive, enriching and with the hope that we live up to our mission.


Alejandro Cohen
Executive Director